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Our Services at Specialised Labour Hire

Specialised Labour Hire is a labour hire solutions company based in Rockhampton, Queensland. Our primary focus is to help businesses find the perfect candidates for their needs whenever they need them. To do this, we offer four core labour hire services; permanent placement, contract placement, provisional placement and psychometric testing. In this latest blog on our website, the SLH team will be breaking down each of our four key labour hire services. Let’s get started!

Permanent Placement

Are you looking for a permanent candidate for your business? With SLH you can find the perfect candidate without any hassle! We communicate with you directly to find out what type of permanent placement worker you are looking for in your business. After narrowing that down we turn to finding the perfect permanent placement candidates for your business. Click here to find out more on our website about our permanent placement labour hire service.

Contract Placement

Finding quality contract workers can be tricky, and they never seem to be available when you need them! Now, thanks to Specialised Labour Hire, you no longer need to worry about whether you can find the perfect candidate for you. We help you to find quality, qualified contract worker candidates for your short term project. With our rigorous interview process you can rest easy knowing that your candidate will be perfect for your needs. Are you looking for contract workers? Contact SLH today by calling us on 1300 447 347, or click here to contact us through our website. If you would like to find out more about our contract placement labour hire service you can read additional information on our website by clicking here

Provisional Placement

Looking for provisional placement workers? Specialised Labour Hire have the solution for you! We make finding provisional placement workers easy. At SLH, we source the very best provisional placement workers that perfectly fit the needs of your business. If you need provisional placement workers fast you can contact us today by calling us on 1300 447 347. Want to find out more about our provisional placement service or our other labour hire services? Click here to browse our full list of labour hire services on our website.

Psychometric Testing

How do you know if your candidates are the right fit for you? Are they skilled enough? Will their cognitive abilities fit the job requirements? At Specialised Labour Hire we offer psychometric testing services to answer these questions. The psychometric testing service includes skills based testing or cognitive abilities testing. Be confident of the abilities of your workers with psychometric testing services from SLH. Click here to find out more about our psychometric testing service.

Do You Require One Of Our Services? Contact SLH!

Whether you need a contract placement worker, permanent placement worker, provisional placement worker or psychometric testing, our services at Specialised Labour Hire are perfect for you. Call us today on 1300 447 347, or click here to get in contact with the experienced SLH team today!

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