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Introducing SLH – Specialised Labour Hire

Welcome to our website! We are SLH, Specialised Labour Hire, a Queensland based company specialising in labour hire services for Queensland businesses across multiple industries. At SLH, we help you find the right candidate for your business or project at the precise time you need them. That means less transition periods for your business! In our first blog, we will be breaking down everything you need to know about us, including our services and why you should choose Specialised Labour Hire for your labour hire needs.

Our Mission:

Our team at Specialised Labour Hire are all committed to our mission; to minimise the transition periods for your business by providing you with the very best qualified, smart workforce possible that meet your on-the-ground requirements. We help you to find candidates on a permanent, contract placement or provisional placement basis. Whenever you need additional workers for your business, SLH is here to help you find the perfect candidates whenever you need them.

Our Services:

At SLH we offer four core services; permanent placement, contract placement, provisional placement and psychometric testing. Here is a quick breakdown of each service:

Permanent Placement

Need a qualified worker on a permanent basis? SLH can help you to find the perfect permanent placement candidate for your business. If you are looking for qualified workers on a permanent placement basis, get in contact with Specialist Labour Hire today by calling us on 1300 447 347.

Contract Placement

When you need contract workers, you can trust SLH! Through our rigorous candidate screening process, the Specialist Labour Hire team identifies the very best candidates for your contract placement work. If you would like to find the best contract placement workers qualified to complete the work, you need click here to get in touch with the SLH team.

Provisional Placement

Looking for provisional placement workers for your Queensland business? The team at Specialist Labour Hire is here to help you find the perfect provisional placement workers that fit the exact requirements which you are looking for. Click here to find out more.

Psychometric Testing

Are your candidates right for you? Find out now with Specialist Labour Hire. We offer online testing including psychometric testing, skill based testing or cognitive ability testing.

Want to find out more about our service offering at Specialist Labour Hire? Visit our services page on our new website by clicking here.

Why Choose SLH?

Why should you choose SLH for your labour hire needs? It’s simple! We are committed to finding the perfect candidates for you. We do this by analysing our client to determine their needs and by putting our candidates through a rigorous process which includes a one-on-one interview. In this interview the SLH team determines their qualifications, demonstrated behavioural traits as well as whether their profile matches the description of the position you require. What separates SLH? We always strive to find the perfect candidates for you! Find out more about us on our about page by clicking here.

Contact SLH Today!

Do you need labour hire services for your business or project? Contact the team at Specialised Labour Hire today! We are here to help you find the very best candidates that are perfect for your needs. You can get in contact with us through our website by clicking here, or you can call our team on 1300 447 347. 
At SLH we are here to help you in delivering our future!

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