How Our Labour Hire Services Can Help Your Business

At SLH, Specialised Labour Hire, we work hard to provide high-quality, efficient labour hire services to businesses and organisations across Queensland. In our latest blog, the experienced labour hire team at SLH are breaking down how our labour hire services can help your business. 

Save Time On Recruiting

Recruiting workers for your business, organisation or project can take a lot of time, and we all know that time equals money. Stop wasting your precious time looking around for the right candidate for you and leave it up to the experienced labour hire team at SLH! We take care of your recruitment needs so you have more time for your other tasks. Leave it to the professionals at Specialised Labour Hire.

Find Workers With The Right Qualifications

When jobs require certain qualifications it can be tricky finding the right candidates to fill your positions. You no longer need to worry about it thanks to our labour hire services. We sit down with our clients to determine the exact qualifications their candidates need to have. Our experienced team then conducts interviews with our candidates to authenticate their qualifications and ensure it is what your business requires. You can find out more about how we find the right qualified candidates for you by clicking here.

Get A Flexible Workforce at Your Fingertips

With our labour hire services you can get the workers you need when you need them. This means no more waiting around and losing money on your project. SLH provides access to flexible labour hire services. We offer labour hire services for a range of different types of candidates including permanent placement workers, contract placement workers and provisional placement workers. Whatever candidates you need for your project, we can help you find them at SLH. Want to find out more about our range of labour hire services? Click here to check out our website and learn more about Specialised Labour Hire and the types of labour hire services we offer.

Add Workers That Fit Your Workplace

We don’t just focus on qualifications and resumes at Specialised Labour Hire. We fully vet our candidates to ensure they will fit your workplace perfectly. How do we do this? Our team conducts demonstrated behavioral traits testing on all of our candidates to assess how well they will fit in with your workplace. You can learn more about this process and our other methods to audit our candidates over on our website by clicking here.

Need Workers Now? Call SLH!

Do you need to recruit workers for your business, organisation or project? Specialised Labour Hire is the number 1 team for labour hire services across Queensland. Whether you need a permanent placement worker, provisional placement worker or a contract worker, we can help you find the perfect fit. Call us today on 1300 447 347 to get started on sourcing your best candidates. You can also click here to contact us through our website via our online contact form. 

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