How We Test Our Labour Hire Candidates

At Specialised Labour Hire we are committed to delivering only the best labour hire candidates to our clients. Our team always works hard to ensure that our labour hire candidates match your requirements and specifications. How do we do this? We implement a specialised process designed to audit our candidates behaviour, qualifications and skill set. […]

Signs That You Need A Labour Hire Service Company

Are you finding that your business is frequently missing deadlines for your projects? Or perhaps you have taken on a new project that requires more skilled workers? These are signs that your business or organisation may be in need of a reliable labour hire service company.  Specialised Labour Hire is one of Queensland’s best and […]

Our Labour Hire Process Explained

Specialised Labour Hire is a labour hire service company based in Rockhampton, Queensland. We specialise in providing high-quality labour hire candidates to businesses projects and organisations across Queensland. In this blog article the SLH team will be breaking down our labour hire process and service to help you learn more about how we help you […]

3 Types Of Workers For Your Business

No matter your business, project or organisation, in modern times there are three types of workers that may be beneficial to you. Permanent placement workers, contract workers and provisional placement workers. Each type of worker presents benefits to you. In this blog article the Specialised Labour Hire team will be taking you through why each […]

A Flexible Workforce At Your Fingertips

Modern businesses and organisations require a number of different types of workers to successfully complete projects on time and within the budget. Many businesses and organisations find it difficult to find such a flexible workforce that can be available whenever they need them. That’s where we come in! SLH, Specialised Labour Hire, is a new […]

Frequently Asked Questions about SLH

Specialised Labour Hire is an experienced labour hire company based in Rockhampton, Queensland. We help organisations and businesses find the perfect candidates for the work required. Our professional labour hire team will be answering some of our frequently asked questions in this latest blog entry on our website.  How Do We Find The Right Candidates? […]

3 Important Factors When Finding Candidates

When finding candidates for your organisation, business or project, there are a number of important factors involved. Fortunately, the expert team at Specialised Labour Hire is experienced in finding the perfect candidates for our clients, whether it be in permanent placement, provisional placement or contract placement. In this latest blog on the Specialised Labour Hire […]

How Our Labour Hire Services Can Help Your Business

At SLH, Specialised Labour Hire, we work hard to provide high-quality, efficient labour hire services to businesses and organisations across Queensland. In our latest blog, the experienced labour hire team at SLH are breaking down how our labour hire services can help your business.  Save Time On Recruiting Recruiting workers for your business, organisation or […]