3 Ways Our Labour Hire Service Improves Your Project

Among the most successful businesses and companies in civil and rail construction, it’s no secret that labour hire services are critical to the success of the overall project. Why? Labour hire services give you access to the workers you need, whenever you need them. If you are considering whether a labour hire service is right […]

How Our Labour Hire Service Works

At Specialised Labour Hire, we offer a unique and useful labour hire service to help you find the right workers for your civil and rail projects. Through our service, we help you to identify the right types of workers, as well as labour candidates with specific skills, qualifications or certifications. Are you wondering how this […]

Excavator, Skid Steer Operator in Rail Corridor Wanted

The Specialised Labour Hire team are looking for a skid steer excavator operator with rail corridor experience and qualifications. Think this sounds like a job for you? Read the requirements here and find out how you can apply with Specialised Labour Hire. Position Requirements & Information Specialised Labour Hire are looking for a skid steer […]

Qualified Carpenters Wanted

Are you a qualified carpenter looking for work in Rockhampton? Specialised Labour Hire may have a position for you! We are currently looking for qualified carpenters who are able to enter ceiling cavities. Browse the position requirements below and get in contact with the Specialised Labour Hire team if you are interested. Our Requirements All […]

2 Reasons Why You Need A Labour Hire Service Company

There are many different important elements when it comes to successfully completing a rail project. Elements like budget, timeframe and equipment all need to be considered, however the most important of all is finding the right labour workers for the job. This can truly be the difference between getting a job completed on time and […]

Opportunities For Qualified Rail Workers

Specialised Labour Hire are currently looking for qualified rail workers to fill positions. If you are a qualified rail worker this may be a great opportunity for you! Requirements Have you completed a Certificate in Rail Infrastructure? Do you have an RSW card and have completed Aurizon Inductions? Do you have RIW, WET and SARC […]

Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Labour

Finding labour workers is a crucial step in completing a successful project or running a successful business. However, there are a number of common mistakes that are made when looking for labour workers. These mistakes can result in late projects and sometimes even failed projects! This is something no business or organisation wants to experience. […]

What You Should Know About Specialised Labour Hire

Specialised Labour Hire is a labour hire service company servicing Queensland from our base in Rockhampton. We help our clients to find the best labour candidates for their organisations and projects. In this article on our website, we will be sharing some of the different elements you should know about Specialised Labour Hire and our […]

Why Our Candidate Screening Process Is Different

At Specialised Labour Hire, we understand the importance of finding the right type of candidate for you. Finding the perfect labour candidates is a crucial element of a successful project, and it is now more important than ever to identify candidates that fit the requirements of the job. This can be certain skills, training and […]

Qualified Rail Workers Wanted | Specialised Labour Hire

Are you a qualified rail worker based in Queensland? We may have work for you! The team at Specialised Labour Hire are looking for qualified rail workers in Queensland right now. Specialised Labour Hire currently has 3 rail crews working in the same time period with 3 different rail contractors from one end of Queensland […]