What To Do When Experiencing Candidate Shortages

Are you finding it difficult to identify candidates for your mining, rail or civil construction or maintenance project? Don’t worry, many projects and businesses in this industry can sometimes find themselves in this position. Although it isn’t too uncommon, it is still important to take the right steps to avoid delays or even cancellation to […]

SLH Expands to the Mining Industry

Specialised Labour Hire have quickly become one of the most trusted names in labour hire for the civil and rail construction and maintenance industries. Through a combination of first-class customer service and high-quality labour hire services, SLH has built a reputation for reliability and results. Now, Specialised Labour Hire has expanded to the mining industry, […]

The Evolution of Labour Recruitment

Labour recruitment often used to be an incredibly complex, time consuming and often fruitless task for many businesses, projects and organisations in the rail and civil construction and maintenance industries. Fortunately, modern technology and strategies brought in labour hire services, the new and improved way for you to get the workers you need for your […]

3 Benefits Of Labour Hire Services

Are you looking for one of the most effective ways to make your civil and rail construction and maintenance projects successful? It’s simple, hire a labour hire service business just like Specialised Labour Hire. Our experienced team works hard to identify the very best available labour worker candidates for your project, helping you to streamline […]

SLH is Recruiting a Fitter in Gladstone

Are you a qualified fitter/mechanic looking for full-time or casual employment in Gladstone? Specialised Labour Hire may have the perfect opportunity available for you! Our friendly team is looking for a fitter/mechanic to maintain our small plant and vehicles. Find out more about this opportunity and the position requirements below. Position Requirements & Information Specialised […]

What Are Contract Workers? Why Do You Need Them?

If you visit a rail or civil construction or maintenance project site you are mostly likely to encounter a whole range of different labour workers. This includes provisional placement workers, permanent placement workers and contract workers. All of these workers are crucial to delivering successful projects in the rail or civil construction or maintenance industries. […]

How To Find Workers That ‘Fit’ Your Workplace

The modern workplace is full of workers from all different backgrounds and walks of life. For a successful project in the civil and rail construction industries, it is crucial for your workplace to operate seamlessly. This means your labour hire process must take into account the behavioural traits and personality of your labour workers prospect […]

What Services Do We Offer at Specialised Labour Hire

Specialised Labour Hire has become one of the industry leaders in labour hire for rail and civil construction and maintenance projects. We have built our strong reputation on the back of our consistent delivery of high-quality services that are focused on results without compromising on our valued customer service. We offer a range of labour […]

Why You Need A Flexible Workforce

Over the last few decades, the traditional workforce has evolved to better fit the requirements of modern projects in the rail and civil construction and maintenance industries. This transition has brought in a range of different roles like contract workers and provisional placement workers to complete projects alongside permanent placement workers. A flexible workforce has […]

Mining Recruitment Consultant Wanted

The friendly team at Specialised Labour Hire are currently looking to expand our team by bringing on a mining recruitment consultant for our Mackay operations. The role can be casual or part-time, with the opportunity to grow into a full-time role with the Specialised Labour Hire team. In this article our team will be sharing […]